A Call to Hekate, Child of Destruction and the Starry Sky

I offer you this spice, O Prodigy of Nyx,
Child of Destruction and the Starry Sky
Come to me, Beloved Mistress,
Triple Headed, Triple Voiced Hekate
Hear my enchanted call
Carried to you by spirits of Air
Crossroads Queen, lover of solitude
Having your meal among the tombs
Come to me Black Bitch, Witch Mother
Brimo, Furious One, Formless Fire
Thea Deinos, Dread Goddess, Bender of Proud Necks
I call to you, O Ghost-Faced Moon
Fearful One, Deathly One, Grave-Goddess
Come now, with the Cry of the Beast
Blessed Bitch, Leader of the Pack
Agriope Lykania, loving the mournful wailing of hounds
Unbound, Ungrit, Unconstrained
Dread Goddess, Clad in Serpent Tresses
Primal Serpent, Eternal Witch
I call to you, kindly hear my sacred chants
Come and make the earth tremble with your bull like roar
Grave-Breaker, World-Ender,
Goddess of Dark, Quiet & Frightful One
You who drinks blood and feasts on hearts
Eater of Filth, you who devours the Untimely Dead,
You who brings Death and Destruction,
Who makes Grief resound and spreads Madness
Come to my sacrifices

[Image above – Supreme Goddess by MrNat]

An Incense blend for Deiphon

(Warning contains Baneful ie TOXIC plants, do not burn inside and only in well ventilated areas!)
Dittany of Crete

Some notes on preparation.
This is a 9 ingredient incense, made in three parts.
The base for this incense is the trio of myrrh, wormwood, and mugwort; all in equal parts. This constitutes about half of the final mixture, and makes for a wonderful Hekate incense on it’s own, and is safe to burn indoors.
The poisons (datura, henbane, wolfsbane) make up about 1/8th of the final mix. It’s equal parts datura leaves and henbane seeds with a small pinch of wolfsbane.
The rest is made of equal parts dittany of Crete, yew needles, and cypress bark.

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