On the Crooked Path to the Marriage of Heaven & Hell

Some thoughts on appearing exoterically ‘Folk Catholic’ while embracing witchcraft, sorcery, necromancy and the more ‘nigromantic’ grimories:
For me it’s about uniting two seemingly opposing paths and finding the balance. Besides what witch worth her salt would fight with only one arm? The Crooked Path is exactly that, crooked. I’ve seen so many claim it yet be repulsed when things take a right hand turn. It was tough for me at first but my devotion to Santisima Muerte made the ‘conversion’ into a dual faith practice easier, as did separating folk Catholicism from the pedophile banking cartel that is the Vatican, realizing the ‘God’ of the grimories is more in line with the Valentinian Gnostic perception than anything remotely fundamentalist, and ultimately embracing it as a mask. Plus NOLA is Catholic af so lots of the spirits here are as well. This has its benefits with necromancy. Like it or not, a good chunk of our Ancestors for the past 1500 years have also been Christian at the very least, even our magical Ancestors. Working in such a ‘dual faith’ manner is very akin to what they would have done, and places you directly in their footsteps.
At its root, it’s more so been about becoming open to what magic IS than forcing it to BE a certain way.

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