the Call of the Hekatæon

***Night 1***
I began the ritual by slowly chanting Io Hekate Io Ho 108x on a set of mala beads I anointed in henbane oil and then buried at a graveyard trivia for the space of the dark moon. The repetition of the mantra helped to center myself, filling my mind and heart with love for Hekate and served to build up the rite and really get the energy flowing. It’s a simple enough ritual, a devotional poem you silently read after washing your hands thrice and dusting them with cinnamon, a sigil to draw and contemplate, as well as a guided meditation followed by reading the poem out loud three times. Regardless of its simplicity, I felt Her, not strongly, a distant prescence yet there.
***Night 2***
The 2nd night is certainly titanic! I began as the night before 3x washing of hands, dusting of them with cinnamon, and 108 recitations of IO HEKATE IO HO to prepare. The guided meditation shows that my senses have improved somewhat, I couldn’t clearly see but I did clearly sense it, with the visualization of the glowing trident sigil being the most clear. And then the hymn! By the third recitation of the hymn Her presence was undeniable, I could sense Her before me, behind me, to my left to my right, above me below me, indeed within me; Her energy completely saturated my temple room. This was an enormous presence, quite heavy in all honesty and a bit more than I was expecting! I received communion in the form of inspiration and began to use the witchbreath, breathing Her in and out, mingling Her energy with mine, silently chanting IO HEKATE IO HO with each full breath cycle, again using my mala beads for a count of 108. This helped immensely and lessened the initial discomfort.
***Night 3***
This might began as the others. The results will not be reported as they are highly personal.
***Night 4***
Tonight was…. delightful to say the least. In the devotional hymn there is one chant you’re only supposed to say if you’re sure you want to call Her…. well She certainly responds, Her prescence grew with each repetition. While last night was very emotional, tonight was simply full of awe at Her mystery. Last night She was within, tonight I sensed Her above me. Towering above me, the very vortex I ‘saw’ durning the pathworking portion of the ritual but felt much more vividly. A storm even blew in to coincide with my chanting….
***Night 5****
It was another beautiful, intense and aweful (as in full of awe) experience! The most startling was getting an electric tingle feeling as I said “and what the Titans smell is blood”.
And then after the hymn! I felt Her in all 8 directions of the compass around me and towering above me. They coalesced into one and I felt the double helix from the pathworking caressing my aura, subtly changing me. I caught a few sights sounds and feels (my nose was unforuntaely blocked up due to pollen) although I simply registered those and let them pass by.

[the notes for Nights 6,7,&8 appear to be lost]

The 9th Night of the Call of the Hekatæon
I fasted for the 3 days leading up, rather than the prescribed one. (I typically gradually fast, slowly cutting out things, yesterday was green tea with honey and nothing else.)
At midnight, after preparing in the usual way, I began pathwalking to meet Her. There She stood at the crossroads towering above me, 3 faced, six armed; the face of a maiden, the face of a hound, the face of a serpent . She held torches of oak, and with a dagger beckoned me closer. I opened my eyes then and began the prayer, singing BRIMO, BRIMO, BRIM! Again the feeling of being encompassed by Her, feeling Her flow into me, as the Dead danced at the circles edge. The energy increased with each stanza, it built to a fever point… BRIMO BRIMO HEKATE I sang; and with my heart full of love, awe and mystery, shoving a thorn deep into my flesh. I offered Her my blood so that no part of me was kept from Her and plunged my bloody finger once twice thrice into the circle sealing my devotion, thus activating the Hekatæon. I closed the book, held it to my heart as I kissed the sigil and gave the sigil to the flames, its ashes collected to later consecrate the strapalos. I sat and basked in the energy until I became very tired. I went to bed and dreamt of a cosmic crossroads, a toad awaiting me….

Io Io Ekati!
Photo by Jack Grayle

Addendum – the first night of the Waxing Moon

I went down to the ‘end of the world’, a spot on the Missisippi river, a liminal spot marked not just by its name but also as it is a spot were land sky and water all meet. I offered incense to the spirits of place, the river spirits and such then lighting myrrh I began to sing the consecration song. The sun was setting, and inspired by being in a liminal space at a liminal time I began calling Brimo for the first night of the lunar month of 27 epithets.
PHORBA PHORBA BRIMO AZZIEBYA I sang 9 times, calling to Her to me, then began a heartfelt prayer to Her, She who is the Furious One , the Burner, the one who illuminates, incinerates, and transforms what was into what will be. This turned into a spontaneous chant of:
Burn, burn, burn away
Burn, burn, burn away
Burn, burn, burn away
O blessed Brimo, O Furious One, O Burner,
Burn, burn, burn away all that separates me from my Queen,
Transform what was into what shall be.

I felt a gradual building up of warmth within me, so much so that the previously warm breeze felt quite chill in comparison. My meditation and chanting was interrupted by sensing two others approaching. I look back and a moment later two other people, a couple on a sunset stroll, approach into view. I reflect upon this, and reach a personal realization. I ask for sign if such is the case, immediately I am answered by a crash of the river against the rocks near were I sit. I ground and center, then thanking the spirits, leave without looking back.

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