About the Authors

Rev. Yuri McGlinchey is a non-binary sorcerexx and cartomancer, engaged at the crossroads between folk witchcraft and chaos magic, and is a self-identified Marauder of the DKMU. A native of New England, Yuri was thrust into the Louisiana wilderness at age 13. This exile only fueled Yuri’s lifelong interest and love in all things mystical and magical, with a special interest in witchcraft. Drawn by the city’s mythological allure, Yuri moved to New Orleans in 2005, a mere month before Hurricane Katrina. A lifelong student of the Art and solitary witch; Yuri’s practice draws together Old and New World folk magic, sigilcraft, modern traditional witchcraft, wortcunning, and technomancy fueled by chaonimism, which Jason Miller defines as “an approach that combines the wild freedom, focus on results, and non-hierarchical view of reality inherent in Chaos Magic with a belief in spirits as organized consciousness not dependent upon belief.”
In their free time, Yuri enjoys magic drifting with the Randonautica app, haunting local parks, making Synthwave, and cuddles with their cat Faustina and partner Orlee Stewart.

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The views and opinions on this blog are those of Rev. Yuri McGlinchey and do not necessarily reflect those of the Church of Light and Shadow.

About the Co-Authors

Muertero Yamil (Co-author of the Magic of the Paster Noster) Raised in a spiritual upbringing Muertero Yamil was taught to develop his spiritual skills to help people from all paths of life with different situations. Muertero Yamil works with his Animas (Spirits Of The Dead) and spiritual guides to resolve those who seek solutions. Muertero Yamil has studied and trained for years in various aspects of spirituality. From Latin American Spiritism, Latin American Folk Magic, and Latin American Necromancy and Sorcery (Muerterismo and Animero). Muertero Yamil is also an independent researcher and has traveled to different parts of Latin America learning from different Latin American communities in the United States to preserve the different styles of Latin American spiritual and cultural expressions. His passion for his spiritual path is seen throughout his interviews, talks, writings, and videos. He strives to teach those who are searching for an alternative path that does not involve initiations or personal commitments, as Muerterismo is not a path of initiations. He teaches those who seek to work independently and develop their own spiritual gifts and grow at their own pace. https://www.muerteroyamil.com/

Maria Miles (Co-author of Rosarium Imperatrix Inferni, St Lucia, and New Orisons for the Open Hours) is a witch, diviner, and author living in the Pacific Northwest of the United States. With over a decade of study and practice of the occult arts, primarily Goetia, Witchcraft and Astrological image magic, she brings a highly researched but syncretic approach to her magical practice. Presently unpublished she is currently set to be featured in multiple anthologies in 2020, with plans as well for a book titled De Mysteriis Cerbero: A Primer of Marian Diablerie. This book will feature a previously untranslated witch trial account from 16th century France, and a focus on the spirit that the accused held pact with. It will also contain instructions on working with this spirit today after a manner synthesized from Goetic manuals, the confession of the accused witch, Marie Martin, and the lore of witch-hunters’ handbooks. Maria aims to transmit an interpretation of witchcraft that is enlivened, transformative and visceral, steeped in a mythopoetic and sincerely blasphemous interpretation of Catholic theology. https://www.facebook.com/cunningcards/